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We help people who don't know each other, and sometimes don't even like each other, change complex systems together. We work across a range of issues and sectors to develop powerful solutions to complex societal challenges using creative, design-driven engagements.
Our approach to complex change builds deep engagement, fosters momentum, advances powerful strategy, and is even fun and a bit crazy at times. (And no, it's not easy, but we'll be right there with you, helping you succeed.)

Welcome to CoCreative

Collaborative Innovation

We design powerful multi-stakeholder Collaborative Innovation Networks to lead profound change in complex systems.

Collaborative Strategy

We work with high-impact social ventures to align their stakeholders around compelling visions and design powerful social change strategies.

Collaborative Leadership Development

We deliver practical, powerful training to leaders who are ready and willing to create a better world.

Need help bringing people together to solve a tough problem? Let's talk.
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