You can get our entire training program in a year-long “incubator” format to jump start your initiatives.


The year-long capacity-building series provides all of our process methodology, frameworks, skill building, and tool training to support participants to lead complex system change. The intensive capacity-building series provides most of what your leaders need to drive powerful, systemic change.


All they need to bring is curiosity, courage, and passion to make a difference.



Intensively grow the core competencies and capacity of initiative leaders, functional leaders, and/or grantees to work together to solve tough problems using a Collaborative Innovation approach.


How it Works

Deliver a highly experiential and application-driven training series to 3-6 collaborations in your community, company, or grantee pool over one year. The training content and sequencing supports the launch, critical phases, and maintenance of new Innovation Networks and the turnaround or strengthening of existing collaborations.


Who It's For

Leaders of emerging or recently formed multi-stakeholder initiatives who will act as facilitative leaders for those networks, and for leaders of existing collaborations and collective impact initiatives that have stalled.


How the Incubator is Funded

We have helped community foundations and local leaders develop grant proposals to gain funding from major foundations for capacity building work. We can help you shape funding proposals to support your own local or issue-specific incubator.


The work of the individual networks could benefit from direct process design consultation and facilitation support for network events and initiative groups. Funding at the network level can draw from a pool of local and national funders and organizations in the networks.


Types of Collaborations Supported

Our past training attendees have successfully led collaborations for many issues, including:


  • Helping youth who are out of school and out of work

  • Increasing youth literacy rates

  • Sustainable supply chain development

  • Workforce and career pathway development

  • Non-profit capacity-building

  • Advancing community wealth-building

  • Advancing sustainable banking

  • Addressing the upstream determinants of health


Workshops Included

Our incubator capacity-building content for 2017-2018 includes 5 highly experiential and application-driven training sessions delivered over 12 months to support 20 participants to lead complex system change:


  • Collaborative Innovation Essentials (2.5 days)

  • Collaborative Leadership Essentials (1.5-2 days)

  • Leveraging Conflict for Innovation (1.5 days)

  • Leveraging Human Insight and Systems Thinking for transformational change (3 days)

  • Advanced Collaborative Leadership (3-5 days)



The incubator program includes monthly 90-minute virtual coaching and integration sessions for participants, grouped into 3 cross-initiative teams. This format provides customized support for participants to integrate the training content into the current work of their initiatives.


Backbone Capacity Support

As part of the incubator approach, we also support participants to identify and develop the backbone structures necessary to build and sustain their initiatives.


Additional Staffing and Costs

A “host” organization/fiscal sponsor will be needed to coordinate training and coaching logistics; facilities, food, and materials reproduction will also need to be resourced.

Interested in how our incubator approach has helped others and can help your community ramp up its impact? Let us know what you need.

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