Championing Systems Change

Wednesday, September 2, 8:45 AM - 5:00 PM PDT

HOST: Stanislaus Community Foundation

100 Sycamore Ave., Ste. 200
Modesto, CA 95354

In this workshop, specially designed for funders and senior leaders, you’ll develop your unique role as a champion of systems change initiatives. It focuses on the unique pressures that sponsors of systems change work have to their internal stakeholders and to the change system they are helping to catalyze and support. In this one-day course, we share stories and examples from actual systems change initiatives, both successful and unsuccessful, to help you more deeply understand the kind of commitment, clarity, and resourcing it takes to lead effective systems change.


This workshop will support you to:​


  1. Understand the key success factors, resource needs, and risks in multi-stakeholder collaboration so you can more confidentially invest both financially and reputationally in the work

  2. Effectively manage the creative tension between your institution’s needs and goals and those of other stakeholders

  3. Identify and manage your own role, needs, and interests as a sponsor and key influencer of the work

You will leave this workshop with increased effectiveness and skill in:


  1. Shaping a powerful shared intent to inform the work and build collective ownership

  2. Creating the conditions to foster success systems change initiatives

  3. Appropriating resourcing systems change initiatives

  4. Supporting effective assessment of the progress, dynamics, and work of the collaborative


Best suited for: Senior system leaders and funders interested in supporting systems change collaboratives.


Session inputs: None required.

Registration cost: $495/$950 per person


Course length: 1 day, 8:45 AM – 5 PM


Trainers: Russ Gaskin, Heather Equinoss

Please note: Refunds will only be issued for up to 7 days before the workshop. Please contact us below to request a refund.

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