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African Citizenry Scholarship Applications

Dear friends,

We understand that exchange rates for currencies around the world impact the decisions people make about professional development opportunities. 


To support the enrollment of changemakers, network managers, systems change practitioners and consultants from across the African continent, we are proud to offer 5 fully-funded scholarships and 10 additional scholarships worth $350 USD, to be awarded on May 31, 2023.

To be considered, please email Melissa Darnell before May 15, 2023 and include:

  • Whether you are applying for a partial or full scholarship.

  • A description of the type of work you're doing now and the work you want to do in the future.

  • How would you like to apply the material from the course.

  • Your experiences in supporting collaborations.

Warmly, Ashoka Africa and the CoCreative Team

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