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Join our 90-minute webinars devoted to exploring diverse experiences, perspectives, and narratives in systems change.

Webinar: Heart like a River - Listening to Nature Speak on Systems Practice


October 28, 2020

11:00 am - 12:30 pm Pacific US
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm Eastern US

In this justice oriented and joyful wayfinding session, we'll explore the wisdom rooted in ecological connections and the healing refrains of the natural world.  Please join us and José González in an intimate sharing of life-logic nature framing stories for cross applicability in equity & inclusion work and future envisioning for systemic change.


José is a pofessional educator with training in the fields of education and conservation while engaging in different artistic endeavors with art and messaging—often exploring the intersection of the environment and culture.

He plays with design, words, science, and education—engaging in the interdisciplinary intersections of how we view and engage with the world. Be it a piece of art or scientific fact, he likes to weave ideas with people while appreciating the beauty of it all.

José navigates through a self-created identity of a "Green Chicano" in a professional sense. In particular he is weaving through the roles of Conservationist/Environmentalist, Chicano, and Educator. Throw into the mix a bit about other things such as being Latino nerd, illustrator, and the like.

He seeks to connect with people who want to strengthen communities around issues of education, conservation, and culture.

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