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Failing Productively in Systems Change: Key Mindsets & Practices

This era of disruption requires us to take on deeper systemic challenges. As changemakers, how do we embrace failure as an inevitable part of the work of shifting complex systems? And how do we detangle it from feelings of fear that prevent us from taking the deep risks needed to advance real change?

We've developed tools, resources, and strategies to purposefully assist people in collectively taking on complex, systemic challenges. Our approach focuses on deepening engagement and building momentum to advance strategy and impact.

In this webinar, CoCreative team members Russ, Heather, and Luzette led a co-inquiry to deepen our shared understanding of productive failure, why it is important to systems change and the key mindsets that need to be challenged to do so.

We're deeply grateful to our friends at Tamarack Institute for hosting this important conversation.

Speakers: Russ Gaskin, Heather Equinoss, Luzette Jaimes and Sonja Miokovic

Download the slide deck we used in this session. We also invite you to explore these links to learn more:



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