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Feminist Systems Change: Reflections, Frames and Learning to Advance Practice

This 90-minute session introduced The System Sanctuary’s feminist systems change framework, offered key insights and implications and explored why we need a feminist systems change ethos. CoCreative and The System Sanctuary's co-founders Tatiana Fraser and Rachel Sinha collectively explore these key questions:

  • What is unique about feminist approaches to systems change?

  • How can this learning contribute to systems change practice?

  • How can we leverage the emerging field of systems change to advance gender equity and women’s leadership?

Thanks to the generosity of our audience, we were able to raise $435 which the Systems Sanctuary team will use to support front line activists protecting the water and the earth, and to front line activists working to address gender based violence.

Download the slide deck we used in this session and review the collective wisdom and resources shared during the session. We also invite you to explore these links to learn more:

About the Session Presenters

Tatiana Fraser

Tatiana co-founded the Girls Action Foundation, which became a network supporting the empowerment and leadership of girls and young women, scaling it nationally across Canada before stepping away and letting it fly. She was selected as an Ashoka Fellow for her work and recognized as one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women by the Women’s Executive Network.

With significant expertise in running a not-for-profit and an MBA from McGill University. She has chaired the Board of CKX for four years and Chaired the Stewardship Group of Illuminate, an international network designed to cultivate the field of systems practice, in the first year of its life. She has served on numerous Boards and Advisory Committees including The UN Commission on the Status of Women, The Carold Institute, Food Secure Canada, Exeko, and Actua among others.

Much of her work has been to advance the leadership and social justice of girls and women and she co-authored Girl Positive (Random House 2016) and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Women Studies.

Rachel Sinha

Rachel co-founded The Finance Innovation Lab in London, a collaboration between WWF and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales in 2008. This award-winning systems change initiative became a key case study in the early years of Innovation Labs and has been shared at Yale, Harvard, and Stanford amongst others. Rachel was chosen to sit on the European Commission panel for Social Business as a result of her work on the Lab and received a "person of exceptional ability" Green Card, to move to the U.S. with her young family.

Rachel co-founded spin-off initiatives from the Lab including the Natural Capital Coalition and Audit Futures. Most recently, with Tatiana and a core group of other systems change leaders, The Sanctuary team became the start-up crew for Illuminate - designed to cultivate the field of systems change practice internationally with partners including Academy of Systems Change, CoCreative, Garfield, Lankelly Chase, and the School of Systems Change.

Rachel is British and currently lives in St. Louis in Missouri in the U.S. with her three kids.

About The Systems Sanctuary

The Systems Sanctuary is designed to be a "refuge for systems leaders." Recognizing the very real challenges associated with leading systems change work and especially for women leading this work in the world. Today, Tatiana and Rachel coach and train systems leaders internationally on the theory and practice of systems leadership through their popular Masterclass on Systems Practice.

The Sanctuary is known for creating small, high-quality, peer-learning Cohorts of individuals calling for systems change. With care and support, these become large scale, deeply-bonded flourishing ecosystems for systems change on topics from Gender Based Violence, to the Opioid Crisis to Climate Change.



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