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The Well-Being For All Series | Cultivating Self-Awareness for Collective Well-Being

How we show up in a collective – with the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors we bring – has real impacts on that collective and collaboration within it. Our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors reflect how we understand and operate in the world, whether we are conscious of it or not. Without a solid understanding of how we operate in the world, how that manifests in different situations and why, we can inadvertently limit or even harm the collectives we join. Alternatively, when we show up thoughtfully, intentionally, and self-aware, we can help foster positive, healthy dynamics.

In this webinar, Kerstin Tebbe, Founder of Collective Mind and webinar series co-hosts Marta Ceroni (Academy for Systems Change) and Russ Gaskin (CoCreative) invite us to consider this connection between our self-awareness and how we show up in collectives. The event focuses on introspection for self-knowledge as a key pathway for interacting in healthy, effective ways in the groups and collectives we participate in. Reflect on relevant personal experiences and think about building our introspection muscles to increase self-awareness and interact more effectively in collectives.

We are grateful to Kerstin for leading this engaging and reflective conversation, for sharing her own experience and challenges related to this inquiry, and to Collective Mind for contributing to collective well-being through the many ways they work to improve the practice and impact of networks.

Speaker: Kerstin Tebbe

Co-Hosts: Marta Ceroni, Russ Gaskin, Maricela Wexler

Download the slide deck we used in this session. We also invite you to explore these links to learn more:


Kerstin Tebbe, Founder

Kerstin is focused on fostering effective collective action to solve complex problems. She has 20 years of experience supporting networks and multi-stakeholder collaboration. Her passion for networks was ignited by many years working on the staff of a global network and furthered by extensive independent study and research on networks. As a consultant, advisor, and thought partner, Kerstin supports networks and multi-stakeholder initiatives around the world with strategy development, network assessment and evaluation, design and organizational review, convening, fundraising, capacity building, and network strengthening.


The Well-Being for All Webinar Series: A Shared Inquiry into Well-Being in Systems and Ourselves. Co-hosted by the Academy for Systems Change and CoCreative



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