Webinar: Narrative - Personal, Political, Planetary

September 24, 2020, 2:00-3:30 pm EDT | Cost: Free

In this highly participatory talk, we will explore the power of personal storytelling by re-membering ourselves through the lens of the personal, the political, and the planetary. We will navigate the perpetual tension between the individual and the systemic to honor our differences as we create new senses of belonging and liberatory power.

i/you/we, matter.

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Virtual Course: Introduction to Collaborative Innovation

October 12, 15 and 19 | Cost: $400 per person

In three 3-hour virtual sessions, we'll help you build your capacity to lead multi-stakeholder collaboration to help groups Connect, Align, Learn, and Make what they need to effect systemic change.


This course is designed for changemakers, leaders, facilitators, collective impact backbone staff, and consultants who are working on vexing problems that can only be addressed using a collaborative approach.


We’ll introduce the key elements of Collaborative Innovation--a process model and an integrated set of concrete tools to effectively lead powerful change with multi-stakeholder, multi-sector collaborations.

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Virtual Course: Facilitating Collaborative Innovation

October 26/28 and November 2/4 | Cost: $600 per person

In four 3.5-hour highly experiential virtual sessions, we'll cover an integrative and powerful approach to leading collaboration. It focuses on the nuts-and-bolts planning, facilitation, and leadership practices to help diverse groups move from goal setting to advancing real work together, building engagement and momentum over time. We combine mini-lectures with applied facilitation in real situations, covering both virtual and in-person collaboration. We also use real facilitation challenges faced by participants to learn and apply methods for moving through conflict, confusion, and uncertainty in groups.​

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Virtual Course: Championing Systems Change

November 9, 12 and 16 | Cost: $550 per person

In this three, 3-hour session workshop, specially designed for funders and senior leaders, you’ll develop your unique role as a champion of systems change initiatives. It focuses on the unique pressures that sponsors of systems change work have to their internal stakeholders and to the change system they are helping to catalyze and support. In this one-day course, we share stories and examples from actual systems change initiatives, both successful and unsuccessful, to help you more deeply understand the kind of commitment, clarity, and resourcing it takes to lead effective systems change.

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