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To do list for site:
  • If people download free stuff, can we ask them to register and tell us who they are?

  • Eventually cycle through new images on the home page that relate to our current work at any given point

  • What We Believe - Lay this out to emphasize key point. What does this mean for CoCreative. And good point. Second column should be about CoCreative - what we do. Rationale is Why. Another blue label called - Another blue label called - listening to all voices

  • Work in the double diamond thing. (I embedded the Prezi onto this page, and maybe we can make a more simple Prezi:

  • Check out ad vouchers, which also came free with paid site.

  • Finish setting up SEO stuff (name, description, keywords, etc.) on all the pages.

  • Page transitions - right to left transitions on all dropdown pages (not diagonal)

  • Collaborative Strategy infogrpaphic

  • Collaborative Leadership Development page and infographic

  • Better app for presenting the docs in Tools? (Blog?)

  • Wix 404 error page

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