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Issac Carter

Issac Carter

Process Design, Facilitation, Training, Coaching

Issac M. Carter is an Executive Leadership Coach, Critical Educator, Human Capacity Builder, Leadership and Organizational Consultant, Strategist, Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Assessor, Practitioner, Facilitator, and Black Male Feminist. Issac helps individuals, institutions, and system leaders and teams understand, embrace, and leverage our shared humanity by developing emotionally and culturally agile individuals, organizations, and systems. 


Issac's human-centered practice focuses on the inner being and our capacities and capabilities to lead, influence, and collaborate effectively across cultures to become catalysts for change. He helps leaders, teams, institutions, and systems become more aware of how ways of feeling, knowing, being, and doing impact our lived experiences and our ability to build deep relationships interpersonally and in groups or system-level collaborations.


His Afrocentric approach to education, training and coaching extends beyond the colonized frameworks of diversity, equity, inclusion, and leadership to prioritize reclaiming our shared humanity and realizing our collective potential. Core to his approach is intercultural analysis, indigenous and cultural ways of knowing, collective knowledge production, and emotional and cultural wealth and well-being. 


Dr. Carter regularly contributes to thought leadership supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, and leadership. He is an author and co-editor of Unhooking from Whiteness (2021) and an upcoming book examining the need for emotional and cultural intelligence in higher education; EQ Goes to College (2023). Dr. Carter's contributions to edited volumes include The Rage of Whiteness Hindering of Black Mentorship; Critical Interfaith Praxis; Counter-Narratives as a Critical Invitation for Change: Race Centered Policy Making and Backlash;  The Jim Crow Effect on Federal Policy; The Constraints of Men Adopting a Feminist Paradigm; and New Freedom School Movement. He is currently working on several projects exploring Evolving Leadership, Confronting Antisemitism, and Developing a Hybrid Framework for Black Male Feminism.

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