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The Well-Being for All Webinar Series 

A Shared Inquiry into Well-Being in Systems and Ourselves
Co-hosted by the Academy for Systems Change and CoCreative

Live Webinar Event:

Calling Forth the Light

Elevating our well-being in these emergent times


Featured Guest: Deb Halliday, Halliday and Associates


March 27, 2024
8:00 - 9:30 am Pacific US
:00 am - 12:30 pm Eastern US


What does the future of our collective well-being look like, and in what ways is it already here?  Too often in our work as changemakers, we focus on fixing our current reality to the neglect of seeing where the world we want is already present. How might we pause and open to the deeply resonant, generative wave of light and connection that is already present alongside the collective despair in our world?

Anchored in current research and practice, join us as we explore the Four Realms of Well-being. Together, we will elevate the beloved world we are co-creating, and foster one another’s path of well-being in our personal, relational, organizational and community lives.

By the end of the webinar participants will:

  • Explore a framework to elevate well-being in our personal, relational, organizational and community lives

  • Discover and share practices to enhance well-being

  • Reflect on how you - and collectively we - are already living in a generative world

  • Connect with one another in an engaging, life-enhancing and creative space 

**There is no fee to participate in this special event. We invite you to make a donation to benefit the work of Hands On Globalan organization that sets up healthcare camps for underserved people in refugee camps and war-torn areas, most recently in Syria and Ukraine. They work collaboratively with local community and existing NGO’s in the field for direction and coordination. Their model of community collaboration can involve them in infrastructure, social services, people’s empowerment, education, and economic development as well as healthcare. 

Welcoming Guest and Co-Host, Deb Halliday



Deb Halliday is a community builder, transformative facilitator, writer, artist and yogini based in Helena, Montana. She is a nationally recognized leader in multi-sector collaborations. Through her firm Halliday & Associates, she regularly speaks with groups large and small about how, working together, we can have an impact on the communities we live in and the lives we share. Check out her blog at 

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