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We help people who don't know each other and often don't even like each other solve tough problems together. We work across sectors to innovate sustainable solutions to complex, systemic challenges using creative, design-driven engagements.

Collaborative Innovation

Collaborative Innovation

We design and support multistakeholder "innovation networks” to solve a range of complex problems like revitalizing economically distressed communities, rebuilding non-GMO food supply chains, expanding employee ownership, and eliminating harsh toxins from electronics manufacturing. We currently support fifteen of these innovation networks addressing a range of complex challenges.

Collaborative Strategy


Collaborative Leadership Development

We work with high-impact social ventures to align their stakeholders around compelling visions, design powerful social change strategies, and develop successful earned income streams to support those strategies over time.

We deliver practical, powerful training to leaders who are ready and willing to create a better world by leveraging the power of collaboration.


Our Services
CoCreative Speakers
CoCreative Training
CoCreative Coaching Services
CoCreative Consulting Services

How We Help:

We help leaders, teams, and organizations build their capacity to drive profound innovation by aligning key stakeholders behind previously unimaginable goals.



  • Leading Collaborative Innovation

  • Collaborative Leadership

  • Leveraging Conflict for Innovation

  • Using Systems and Design Thinking



  • Standardized & customized

  • 4 hours to 5 days

  • Field & labs 


What’s Unique:

All CoCreative training is applied & experiential for faster results and lasting learning.


(And our training is
NEVER boring)

How We Help:

We deliver surprising insight and practical wisdom on leading complex change and delivering shared value, spiced up with true stories from our work.



  • Leading Collaborative Innovation: Stories and Learning from the Field

  • Leveraging Conflict for Profound Progress

  • The Power of the Question (it's not what you think!)

  • Ten Principles of Successful Collaboration

  • Six Core Competencies of Collaborative Leaders



  • Keynotes (60-90min)

  • Sessions (60-120min)

  • 1:many to highly interactive

What’s Unique:

We convey fresh and powerful concepts with real stories from our most recent work.

(And we make the audience work too!)

How We Help:

We provide long-term coaching and leadership advisory services to people leading complex change initiatives.



  • Goal setting & alignment

  • Stakeholder engagement strategy

  • Working successfully with group dynamics, conflicts, and tensions



  • Telecoaching

  • In-person intensives

  • Individuals and/or teams (teams are preferred)


What’s Unique:

Our coaching is super practical but also contributes to deep leadership development


(We draw on literally hundreds of tools and frameworks to provide the right support for any challenge)

How We Help:

We design and facilitate multi-stakeholder Innovation Networks to solve complex problems, from community revitalization to supply chain sustainability to education.  



  • Network development

  • Funding strategy

  • Process design

  • Facilitation



Our networks are 
typically comprised of 40-50 key stakeholders and last from 2-10 years, depending on the complexity and scale of the challenge.


What’s Unique:

Our Collaborative Innovation approach creates high-trust collaborations that produce results fast.


(WARNING: Solving tough problems with other people is addicting and our groups start looking for bigger problems to solve.)


Where We Work

We work in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and across the world through our partners. We focus primarily on these areas:

  • Inclusive Economic Development

  • Health Equity & Health system Resilience

  • Education & Youth

  • Agriculture & Food Systems

  • Sustainable Supply Chains

  • Community Revitalization

Want to know more? We're happy to talk! Just send us a note below to set up a time.
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