We'll help your team learn how to bring people together to address systemic challenges using our proven approach.


We all face complex, systemic problems in our industries and communities. Some of those problems are so complex and multifaceted that we can't solve them alone.

Yet many of our best efforts to bring people together to solve these problems have yielded disappointing results. People can't seem to agree on the problem or they talk in circles, and often self-appointed "leaders" push their favored solutions and pressure others to buy in. These efforts not only fail to address the real problem, they often foster even more resistance, cynicism, and loss of hope. 


For over a decade, we have developed, tested, and refined an approach to complex systems change that we call "Collaborative Innovation." This engaging and dynamic approach to leading complex change has driven massive transformation in industries and communities around the world. We're now offering our training to other consultancies and movement leaders to advance sustainability and shared prosperity across a spectrum of challenges.

Each of our courses is designed to help leaders of systems change develop different aspects of their systems change capacity, like facilitating effectively, leading with purpose, leveraging diversity, and understanding and using process models and frameworks effectively.


Each course centers on a core model or framework, includes real-world stories and examples, experiential exercises, reflection, application based on cases from the room, and demonstrations of tools and methods. Attendees may join some courses in teams and all as individuals.


We offer a range of formats because people learn in different ways and no two groups are the same. 

Courses are more structured but highly interactive workshops, which participants learn through mini-lectures, peer sharing, and applied work sessions. Each course centers on a core model or framework, includes real-world stories and examples, experiential exercises, reflection, application based on cases from the room, and demonstrations of tools and methods. Attendees may join some courses in teams and all as individuals.

Webinars are typically 90-minute focused introductions to frameworks, methods, and tools related to Collaborative Innovation. We focus on a specific topic and ensure that participants take away new tools and ideas that they can start using right away.

Clinics are applied, team-based learning labs in which participants bring their real-world aspirations, goals, and challenges, and we co-generate approaches and strategies in real-time. Clinics include work time for teams, ideation, feedback, and advisory sessions from peers and CoCreative staff, find the ‘right next question’ sessions, mini-lectures, and reflection and integration time. The content of the clinics is adaptive and customized in response to the case being reviewed.


Through our series of trainings, your team will have the tools, frameworks, and skills to lead a collaborative innovation process that aligns diverse stakeholders to achieve audacious goals. 


In our hands-on training programs, your team will:

  • Enhance your leadership skills to work with complexity, uncertainty, and challenges that don’t yet have solutions

  • Design audacious goals so stakeholders are thinking and acting in big ways

  • Build strong collaborative partnerships that are aligned around a powerful shared intent

  • Get the right people in the room, ready to think and act at speed and scale

  • Flip tensions and personality clashes that undermine collaboration into sources of innovation and deeper engagement

  • Facilitate collaborative engagements that build momentum and energy

  • Empower all participants to bring their best thinking and to take real ownership, not just buy in

  • Develop a clear shared understanding of barriers, opportunities, and emerging forces acting on the system and to people in the system 

  • Quickly identify leverage points and prototype innovative solutions for change

  • Design evaluation and adaptation strategies to new learning that inspire participants rather than disengage them


​All of our programs are designed to deliver real-world impact. We'll equip you with tools you can apply immediately to leading change more powerfully in yourself, your team, your community, and the world.

Because real-world impact is our intent, in each of our trainings we:

  • Ground all the learning in each participant’s real-world challenges, using real situations and real data as much as possible so that the learning is grounded, relevant, and immediately applicable;

  • Make the training as experiential as possible, combining short briefings on a concept or tool with applied exercises and shared reflection on the learning;

  • Offer pre-workshop and post-workshop coaching to maximize learning and uptake after the session;

  • Immerse all participants in a deeply collaborative learning environment that builds trust and an ongoing community of change leaders who support each other through shared experience.


We also provide a complete manual, templates, and tools for each workshop, so you have what you need to lead real collaboration once you complete our training. 

Got a tough problem to solve, or a big vision to realize? Register now to get the tools, frameworks, and skills that will build your team's capacity to lead complex change.

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