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We turn difficult underlying tensions and conflict into resources for deep collaboration and innovation. Watch this talk at the 2012 Systems Thinking in Action conference with our colleague Cliff Kayser of Polarity Partnerships for some insights into how we do this. 

The dynamic tensions (or "polarities") that we explore in this talk show up across our collaborative innovation work, from growing employee ownership to eliminating hazardous chemical exposures to helping health systems in the U.S. leverage their assets to drive community economic development.

Some of the most common tensions that affect groups are:

By naming and working proactively with the underlying tensions that usually drive conflict and polarization, we can not only move beyond these unproductive dynamics, but we can learn to leverage these dynamic tensions as sources of deep innovation.


For more on this way of thinking, see Harnessing the Energy of Opposites and Transcending Paradigms…Together

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