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Leading As If Life Matters

If you or anyone you know is aspiring to lead organizations into a livable future, we share this inspiring new resource with you. CoCreative team member Maren Maier recently co-authored a book with Dr. Mary McBride and our frequent collaborator Xue Bai entitled “Leading As If Life Matters: An Invitation to Attend a Future of Our Own Making.”

Human enterprise - human work - has created the conditions which threaten to destabilize our climate and our communities. Every leader faces the enormous task of redesigning enterprise activity to serve the aims of life and human well being. Designing for global good is the greatest and most urgent growth opportunity of this century.

This work is an invitation to join the growing number of existing and emerging leaders aligning to achieve global goals with life serving innovation. It challenges the embedded assumptions of traditional enterprise leadership practice. It offers a 7 point framework for building equity and environment into a revitalized business model, and guides leaders in managing the hard work of organizational change.

Leadership is not a position. It is a choice. We have one decade to design livable futures. Ten years to reshape a world threatened by risk and rich in opportunity. We must all undertake one mission now - leading as if life matters.



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